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Registration and Tuition fees

Candidates' profiles can be very diverse. The most important is to care for aesthetics, perfection, be creative, have a taste for communication, possess analytical skills for patterns and trends, and be sensitive to the arts and letters.

* Candidates have to show 2 years of successful higher education or having earned a Bachelor degree or an equivalent
* For non-native speakers, English proficiency proof document is needed (English tests or a recommendation letter from your current school)

Application Deadline MAY 15th, 2017*


Administration fees: 30 € non refundable
Tuition fees for one summer module : 750 €
Fees decrease when applying for more than one module
2 summer modules : 1350 €
3 summer modules : 1750 €
The entire program : 2000 €


A Certificate is given upon completion of all assignments such as multiple-choice questionnaire, group work, case studies.
Active class participation and company visits are mandatory.
Students can earn 2 to 8 ECTS (European credits) for the courses taken during the Summer Session.

Application Deadline MAY 15th, 2017*
Studying and living in France will make the difference to better discover and grasp the distinctive French way of life.

Estimated living expenses in Paris

- A weekly transportation Navigo Pass (inner Paris zone 1 and 2) : around 20€
- One month public transportation Navigo Pass (zone 1 and 2) : 68€
- A meal at a fast-food restaurant : 8€
- A meal at a local restaurant : from 10 to 20€
- A cinema ticket, student rate : 8€
- An entrance to a museum : 5-12€
- A coffee : 2€
- A baguette : 1€
- A croissant : 1€
- A Vélib' city bike : 1,70€ per day in Paris, and free for the first 30 minutes
- A walk along the Seine... Free

Download the EIML Paris summer school's entire program

Download the EIML Paris summer school's application form

*For non European students you will need to register before the 15th of May in order to have time for your
visa application.

Our school EIML Paris offers the opportunity to international students to acquire the fundamentals in the Luxury industry thanks to our Summer Session program divided into 5 modules from mid-June to mid-July.

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