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  • Luxury means creation and excellence. In all its dedicated fields - jewelry, watch making, fashion, perfumes, beauty products, hospitality... Luxury is linked to perfection. Although Luxury is a multifaceted concept with many possible definitions, it is generally accepted that it encompasses elegance, refinement, sophistication and premium prices. Luxury goods and services consumers therefore have high expectations in terms of quality and experience, and luxury brands are not to be managed like any other consumer goods or durable goods brand: they call for a marketing of their own.
  • 9% increase in 2012, valued over € 200 billion
  • The Chinese market has increased by over 18% in 2012
  • North America, Western Europe and Japan still represent 60% of the luxury market in 2012

EIML Paris is a unique school of its own. Located in Paris, France, it offers a five-year higher education program in Luxury Management from Bachelor to Master's levels. Created in collaboration with the major economic players in the luxury sector, the program provided at EIML Paris trains managers to be and is particularly suited to those seeking a career with executive responsibilities in various sectors :

  • Purchasing: Raw material Buyer, Merchandiser Products Manager, Retail Operator...
  • Marketing : Product Manager, Marketing Survey Consultant, E-marketing Projects Manager, Category Manager...
  • Communication: Press and Media Officer, Event Communication Manager, PR Officer, Media planner...
EIML Paris Programs

A three-year Bachelor program :

The program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of the Luxury Industry through many and various lectures on the following topics: Culture, Art and Civilization, Marketing and Communication, Luxury Markets. At the end of the third year, students obtain a Bachelor degree in Marketing of Luxury Brands.

A two-year Graduate program :

During these two years of study, students enhance their knowledge of the luxury market and develop their management skills. The program offers the possibility for students to work part-time (3 days a week) in one of the many Luxury companies. In addition, the fifth year, students have to finalize their degree by doing a 6 to 9 month internship.

MBA in Luxury Marketing fully taught in English over 15 months :

This program is catered to students or executives who would like to direct their career towards the luxury industry, while working. This program provides the students with the knowledge and skills required to manage a team or an organization in the luxury industry.

Duration : 15 months (from October/January N to December N+1/April N+1)

Schedule : courses on Fridays and two Saturdays a month (summer holidays : August only) - Pre-requisites : To master the English language - To show a real taste for culture and arts in general.

Degrees awarded: A recognized French-state graduate degree - A specialized MBA in Luxury Marketing.

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