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Specialized Luxury Marketing MBA

The Specialized Luxury Marketing MBA by EIML Paris offers students a unique learning experience, and prepares them to build their career towards sectorial areas of the luxury industry: fashion, jewelry and watches, cosmetics and perfumes, gastronomy, wine and spirits, hospitality and luxury services.

The program fully taught in English, enables students to gain core knowledge of luxury management, marketing and communication while developing an understanding of brand management regarding different luxury sectors.

The pedagogy is innovative and based on practical teachings including seminars, conferences, case studies and consulting projects in collaboration with luxury brands.

Thus, EIML MBA offers seminars in the following specialties: collection design, gemology, cosmetics-and-perfume-making techniques and raw materials, gastronomy and wine-tasting workshops.

Study trips including store tours in European capitals are organized in order to help students to develop an international vision of luxury cultures.

Who is this program for? Students having earned a four-to-five-year higher education degree, and professionals aspiring to deepen their knowledge or extend their actionable know-how.

The program offers a level 7 RNCP Certificate accredited under the French Ministry of Employment delivered by EIML Paris.

One academic year of 65 course days corresponds to 60 ECTS-credits.

Skills and knowledge are assessed, equally, in two distinct ways: continuous assessment and final evaluation. Continuous assessment is organized over the teaching period. It can be based on assessment tests, practical cases, research work and / or oral presentations to be carried out individually or in groups. The final evaluation tests are organized outside the course sessions. If necessary, it can relate to a case study, the realization of a project, the writing of an activity report and / or an essay, a role-playing in a professional context.

    • Marketing and Product management
    • Communication Strategy
    • Globalization and luxury brands
    • Financial management
    • Budget
    • Human Ressources Management
    • Luxury Codes
    • CRM
    • Digital marketing and social media in luxury
    • International advertising and event strategy
    • Merchandising strategies in luxury
    • International luxury distribution
    • Sourcing, purchasing strategies and quality management in luxury
    • Consulting project in luxury industry : marketing strategy, financial and creative issues
    • Final professional project
    • Luxury brand management
    • The fashion industry (sectoral case studies, knowledge of colors, fabrics, materials…)
    • The jewelry and watches industry (sectoral case studies, product knowledge and gemology)
    • The cosmetic and perfume industry (sectoral case studies, cosmetics knowledge, perfume techniques)
    • The hospitality industry and luxury services (sectoral case studies, visits to palaces, luxury travel)
    • The gastronomy and wine and spirits industry (sectoral case studies, wine tasting, visits)
    • Workshops, visits, conferences and technical seminars
    • 2 study trips in European places (London, Milano…) are organized in order to discover other luxury cultures and to develop an international vision of luxury for the students.
4e année
Alternating 1 day in class (Saturday) and 4 days in the workplace + 4 weeks of seminars
Communication and Marketing Strategy manager* Diplôme Recognized by the state at level 7

  • Product manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Market research manager
  • Community manager
  • Communication manager
  • PR manager
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Traffic manager
  • Sales manager
  • Store manager
  • Retail director
*Diplôme inscrit au RNCP par arrêté du 07 juillet 2017 publié au Journal Officiel du 19 juillet 2017 (code NSF 320) et délivré sous l'autorité de SCIENCES-U LILLE (accessible par la VAE).